6 AM, Day After Christmas

Posted by - Admin / December 27th, 2009

Although it certainly doesn’t compare to Black Friday (the big shopping day after Thanksgiving), the day after Christmas is a massive day in the retail industries. However, it was certainly less exciting than in past years. Lines were virtually non-existent even though the deals were of the same caliber as in past years. Why? The recession took some of the “umph” out of the event, of course.

Determined to beat the post-Christmas crowds, Lisa Webb got up at 4 Saturday morning. She left the house at 6 with her son and daughter, picked up her son’s friend, and, after stopping for breakfast, hit the mall.

As it turned out, they probably could have slept in.

“We wanted to beat the rush,” the Manchester woman said late Saturday morning as she took a breather on a bench at The Shoppes at Buckland Hills. “There was no rush.”

It seems this sales day was less-than-stellar. Let’s hope we can put bad sales days behind us at the end of this year.